I came to the last round of information sessions and walked away feeling empowered, strong and more than ready to birth my second child. I had tested positive to GBS last pregnancy, but by using the techniques you suggested, tested negative to the 36 week test this time!! Yay!
Little Edward (8.5lb) was born last week (2nd of Feb) after a 10 hour all natural labour with no interventions or drugs. We had beautiful skin to skin cuddles for around an hour with Edward covered in vernix (he has lovely soft skin now!). It was such a wonderful experience! Even though my first labour was also a positive experience, I learnt so much from your sessions that I didn’t know and therefore went into this second birth feeling in control and totally empowered during each phase of labour!
You amazing ladies have started something wonderful, that many women (and babies) will benefit from. Hopefully it will help change the face of birth in Bendigo, one empowered woman at a time!
Steph and Edward
After spending more than a week in hospital with my baby being fairly stubbornly stuck in a footling breech presentation, I had a caeser, and a beautiful little girl entered the world. She is delightful and tiny and had the cord wrapped around her neck – which may or may not have been part of the reason she didn’t turn.
Although I would have loved to avoid a caeser, the hospital midwives were awesome in supporting me emotionally and accommodating my preferences as best they could… I even managed to breastfeed while still in theatre – apparently unheard of!
I am so grateful though to the wonderful mamas of the Bendigo Positive Birthing Group – thank you so much for all the information and resources and encouragment you have given me on this unexpected journey. Your support significantly shaped my preferences and choices and I’m really, really appreciative! Thank you, thank you!!
Heidi and Tolita
I just wanted to say thank you again for your page and the positive birthing nights you ran recently. Two weeks ago I gave birth to my second child, a little girl we named Florence. I was able to give birth vaginally which was something I hadn’t really considered, being told my pelvis was much too narrow after having an emergency section with my son two years ago.

Your nights helped encourage me to look for research supporting my choices and to be strong and stand up for them, which I did. The end result, even with some intervention, was the most amazing moment of my life. I felt strong in my convictions and knowledge the entire time and I just wanted to thank you all for the part you played in empowering me. The work you do is amazing x

Emily and Florence
I can’t say how great it has been and can’t tell you enough, how much of an impact you will / already have had on my positive birth and positive life experience. I am so, so, so very grateful! Thank you.
So exciting to have such a group in Bendigo and the opportunity to discuss and promote positive birth and birth choices. I’m excited for the future and to follow the group grow and evolve.