I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Bendigo Positive BirthingĀ for the really helpful forums you held last year. I attended two of these sessions and they really set me in good stead for my birth. My husband and I welcomed our precious Freda Ruth into the world on 11/11/14.

One thing in particular that stuck with me from your forums was the questions you could ask during labour when interventions were presented to you by medical staff. I can’t remember the original ones, but the ones I developed as a result of the advice were, ‘What are the alternatives?’, ‘What if we do nothing?’, ‘Can we wait?’, and ‘Can I please have a second opinion?’.

When I was told I was going to need an elective cesarian after a CTG picked up some decelerations in my baby’s heart rate, I asked these questions. The result was that we avoided the cesarean and achieved a much more natural childbirth, which was what we had been aiming for. These questions made me feel empowered and much more in control of the process than I would have otherwise.

With the amazing support of my husband, my mum, our Mamta midwife and the awesome staff at Bendigo Health we gave birth to our healthy baby girl after an induced labour. The induction began with a balloon catheter (which I can highly recommend – after having the catheter in for 12 hours I had dilated 4cm) and was followed by syntocinon. I laboured for some hours with the assistance of a TENS machine and my Birth Skills (mainly my stress ball – which I refused to let go of for the duration!) and pushed for about half an hour before Freda came forth into the world. We delayed the clamping of her cord and she had some really lovely skin to skin time with me and then her dad while I was being stitched up.

Even now it is hard to believe the amazing power and intuition of my body. We are so grateful to you for helping us to realise this and believe in the natural process.

Thank you so very much!

With kind regards,