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We believe information is key to a positive birth. We run info nights throughout the year that aim to give you knowledge and confidence when it comes to making choices regarding your birth. We host movie nights that feature birth/parenting related topics. Through our website we aim to provide access to community services and resources that help you obtain your vision of a positive birth. Through our Facebook page we hope to develop a sense of community that helps you feel supported throughout your pregnancy, birth and parenting. Our emphasis is encouraging a space for asking the questions you want answered, so whether it be an info night or through our website or Facebook page don’t be a stranger…connect, tell us your positive birth story and/or let us know how we can help you.
We talk about positive birth and what that might look like to each individual and then we try and break it down into what you can do to achieve that vision for your birth. We discuss the different models of care available in our community, the concept of informed choice and how to negotiate the decisions that are right for you. We offer suggestions of practical ways to cope with labor as well as an understanding of how your natural birthing hormones work. We also cover post natal topics to help you know what to expect in those first few hours and weeks of parenting. We always include the sharing of positive birth stories as this is a powerful tool to help you achieve your positive birth.
Absolutely! Whether your partner is a man or a woman, if they are going to be present at the birth of your baby they will benefit from info that helps understand what is involved in achieving a positive birth and how to support you best to achieve that goal.

Plus your partner is also entitled to experience a positive birth. It’s only been a short time since men have been permitted into the birth space, and now they are expected to be the number one support person. This is a big ask for the average man who has no frame of reference for birth except for what he has seen on TV and not fair for any man to become a father feeling a sense of helplessness. By being involved, informed and an active participant then they will to come away from the birth of your baby with the same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as what we hope you, the birthing mother, achieves.

It’s never too early to start preparing for a positive birth! Part of achieving a positive birth is navigating our mainstream birth culture to make choices based on trusting what is right for you and your power as the birthing mother. This kind of awareness is about your relationship with yourself, your body and your feminine wisdom and ideally starts long before you are pregnant.
Unfortunately we live in a world where there is deep-rooted cultural expectation that birth is something to be feared. And for a variety of reasons birth has been a traumatic experience for many women. Worse still, this birth trauma is considered just part of what we should expect during birth. In fact, women who have a positive birth consider themselves ‘lucky’ and are often reluctant to share their story. For this reason, we don’t usually hear positive birth stories and that just reinforces the belief that birth is something to fear.

However, the reason we are all involved in Bendigo Positive Birthing is because we have each had positive, awesome, ecstatic, beautiful, empowering births. Yep, these are the words we use. There is nothing ‘lucky’ about that, it’s just the way the birth of your baby is meant to be.

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Bendigo Positive Birthing Members

Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth MurphyMidwife in Private Practice
My husband Louis and I have two lovely teenagers. I am a midwife. In 2013 after 25 years in midwifery, I finally followed my dream to independent practice as a homebirth midwife. The heart of my midwifery practice is respect for women as individuals, whose pregnancy and birth experiences benefit from knowledge, compassion, security and encouragement. My privilege is to be with women and their families, as they recognise their strength and ability to grow and birth their babies.
Kim Berry
Kim BerryDoula at Nurtured Births
I’m a mother of 6 children ranging in ages from 2-23. A Doula is a trained support person. I work with people on their journey to parenthood preparing them for their birth by providing information. I support them through that birthday by helping them understand their choices. I help them create the birth they want!
Peta Elmer
Peta ElmerDoctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dragonfly Birthing Wisdom
I’m a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Doula with a special interest in pregnancy and birth. My passion is birth education and promoting trust and respect for the innate wisdom of women’s bodies and the birth process. I believe a holistic Mind Body Spirit approach is the key to preparing for and embracing the unfamiliar opening sensations of birth.
Corinne Cinatl
Corinne CinatlHypnobirthing Practitioner at Intuitive Birthing
I am a mother to two beautiful children. Both of my birthing experiences were vastly different and opened my eyes to a whole new philosophy. Understanding the woman’s body and it’s amazing capabilities is the core of my passion, the rest flows from there.
Jasmine Steel
Jasmine SteelArtist/Nurse at Nascent Art By Jasmaine
Mum of two little kiddies. I had both children in hospital, with contrasting physical and emotional results. My first birth and postpartum years were disempowering and traumatic. My second birth, with intentional positive birthing preparation, was healing, empowering and peaceful. Ultimately it was the most phenomenal, uplifting time in my life. I am passionate because of this. Because birth was designed to be enjoyed.
Breanna Gravener
Breanna GravenerBirth Photographer at The Birth Story
My passion is to tell your story of birth in an artistic and beautiful way, because birth is beautiful! I am a mother of two and a passionate advocate for women to have positive and wonderful birth experiences.
Ren Doyle
Ren DoyleTeacher/Student Naturopath
Mother of two, I get excited about all things birth, babies and health. I have birthed both in hospital and at home, these journeys led me to being a passionate advocate for women’s choices through pregnancy and birth.
Janice Deocampo
Janice DeocampoMidwife / Childbirth Educator / Nurse
I am a proud mother of 5 girls & grandmother of 8. I am a passionate midwife/childbirth educator/nurse of more than 35 years. I never tire of the miracle of pregnancy, birth, babies & families and the beauty & strength of birthing women. I am privileged to assist birthing couples to be as informed as they wish to be, so that their birth and parenting experience is as positive as possible no matter the place of birth.