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Bendigo Positive Birthing

began with a group of Midwives, Doulas, Health Practitioners, Artists, Educators, and Women passionate about BIRTH coming together to discuss positive birthing in our community. The passion and inspiration shared among these women inspired a motivation to join together and share their wisdom, knowledge and stories with others on their birthing journeys.

Support, Community and Resources…

A positive birth experience is not reliant upon location, nor whether you birthed your baby with or without intervention, a natural physiological birth or through caesarean.  Each woman is different, each woman will have a different picture of what she believes is a positive birth, and sometimes nature throws a wild card and we have to make the experience as positive as possible.  If each woman has the opportunity to choose where she births, how she births, and with whom supports her, each woman is already on the path to a positive birthing experience.

This journey begins in pregnancy when a woman surrounds herself with positive women and birth journeys, she approaches her birth with an open mind, finding different sources of information, questioning uncertainty, and enhancing her knowledge base to make informed decisions.

What is a positive birth? A positive birth is a woman feeling empowered by her birthing experience, a sense of pride and achievement. She feels content within herself that she has given her baby the birth and beginning in life that complements the pregnancy journey she has passed and inspires the parenting journey she begins.

This is where Bendigo Positive Birthing began, a belief that each woman deserves and is entitled to a positive birthing experience.  We want to motivate and inspire women (and their families) to experience a positive pregnancy, birthing and early parenting journey.  Through our information evenings, local knowledge base, and resources within the community we hope to inspire a positive birthing culture within the Greater Bendigo Community.

Further Information…

Take your time to explore our website.  Our hope is that the Bendigo Positive Birthing website can be a resource to the women and families within the Greater Bendigo community, supporting, guiding, and empowering them to achieve the most positive birthing experience they can.  If you would like more detailed information or there is information  you can’t find within the website please contact the group or a group member personally from below and we will endeavour to support you as best we can.

Bendigo Positive Birthing Members

Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth MurphyMidwife in Private Practice
My husband Louis and I have two lovely teenagers. I am a midwife. In 2013 after 25 years in midwifery, I finally followed my dream to independent practice as a homebirth midwife. The heart of my midwifery practice is respect for women as individuals, whose pregnancy and birth experiences benefit from knowledge, compassion, security and encouragement. My privilege is to be with women and their families, as they recognise their strength and ability to grow and birth their babies.
Kim Berry
Kim BerryDoula at Nurtured Births
I’m a mother of 6 children ranging in ages from 2-23. A Doula is a trained support person. I work with people on their journey to parenthood preparing them for their birth by providing information. I support them through that birthday by helping them understand their choices. I help them create the birth they want!
Peta Elmer
Peta ElmerDoctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dragonfly Birthing Wisdom
I’m a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Doula with a special interest in pregnancy and birth. My passion is birth education and promoting trust and respect for the innate wisdom of women’s bodies and the birth process. I believe a holistic Mind Body Spirit approach is the key to preparing for and embracing the unfamiliar opening sensations of birth.
Corinne Piper
Corinne PiperHypnobirthing Practitioner at Intuitive Birthing
I am a mother to two beautiful children. Both of my birthing experiences were vastly different and opened my eyes to a whole new philosophy. Understanding the woman’s body and it’s amazing capabilities is the core of my passion, the rest flows from there.
Jasmine Steel
Jasmine SteelArtist/Nurse at Nascent Art By Jasmine
Mum of two little kiddies. I had both children in hospital, with contrasting physical and emotional results. My first birth and postpartum years were disempowering and traumatic. My second birth, with intentional positive birthing preparation, was healing, empowering and peaceful. Ultimately it was the most phenomenal, uplifting time in my life. I am passionate because of this. Because birth was designed to be enjoyed.
Breanna Gravener
Breanna GravenerBirth Photographer at The Birth Story
My passion is to tell your story of birth in an artistic and beautiful way, because birth is beautiful! I am a mother of two and a passionate advocate for women to have positive and wonderful birth experiences.
Ren Doyle
Ren DoyleTeacher/Wellness Coach
Mother of two, I get excited about all things birth, babies and health. I have birthed both in hospital and at home, these journeys led me to being a passionate advocate for women’s choices through pregnancy and birth.
Janice Deocampo
Janice DeocampoMidwife / Childbirth Educator / Nurse
I am proud mother of 5 girls & grandmother of 8. I am a passionate midwife /childbirth educator/ nurse of more than 35 years. I never tire of the miracle of pregnancy, birth, babies & families and the beauty & strength of birthing women. I am privileged to assist birthing couples to be as informed as they wish to be so that their birth and parenting experience is as positive as possible no matter the place of birth.
Bronte Spicer
Bronte SpicerMeditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Angel Card Reader, Workshop Facilitator
I am a new Mum to my gorgeous little man Jackson. I feel really passionate about sharing my birth journey to support other women in their belief that it IS POSSIBLE to have a positive birth experience. With careful preparation, we all have the ability to connect with our authentic selves and take a strong, intuitive and empowered approach to our own labour and birth.