10 ways to Bond with your Unborn Baby

Just as food and alcohol crosses the placenta, so too do the emotions that a mother experiences during pregnancy. We know from perinatal psychologist Dr. David Chamberlain that babies experience and are part of the pregnancy and birthing journey and that the emotions they experience during pregnancy can stay with them for their whole lives.

That being said, it is unrealistic to expect that our frame of mind remains completely positive and stress free for every hour of every day during pregnancy, but we can make a conscious decision to do our best and be mindful of our feelings; especially those towards our unborn babies.

I have created a list below of ways you can bond with your unborn baby, making them feel loved and included before they are born. You may be amazed how special you also feel when you are spending time lovingly with your unborn baby.

  1. Spend moments of each day just talking to your baby
  2. Write a letter to your baby perhaps including your feelings towards baby and what your dreams are for your future as a family
  3. Sing songs to baby
  4. Take pictures of nursery preparations
  5. Have a pregnancy photoshoot/plaster cast of your growing belly
  6. Play with your baby (tickling or gently touching parts of your abdomen)
  7. Have older children do some artwork for baby
  8. Create a storybook of your lives up to baby’s birth
  9. Spend time meditating on what it would be like for your baby in the womb and make changes in your life accordingly
  10. Take time to just ‘be with baby’ enjoying motions within your womb and hearing what baby is telling you


If you have any other great bonding ideas please do let us know, we’d love to hear them.

Corinne Cinatl of Intuitive Birthing


About the Author:

I am a mother to two wonderful children. Understanding the woman's body and it's amazing capabilities is the core of my passion, the rest flows from there... I am a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Post-Partum Doula and I absolutely love working with new mothers in a nurturing and encouraging way.

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